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About Vahlco

For the number one aluminum racing wheel for performance, weight reduction, and durability choose Vahlco. Vahlco Aluminum Racing Wheels specializes in racing applications and supplies the top racing teams with the performance gains that help edge out the competition. Our aluminum research, development, and supply are at the top of any list when it comes to aluminum racing wheels.


 Vahlco Race Teams

From accross the world racing on Vahlco Aluminum Racing Wheels

Modified wide 5 
Stewart Freisen - Halmar Freisen Racing
Andy Bachetti - Bachetti Racing
David VanHorn Jr Vahlsing Racing
Wade Hendrickson - Craig Pondish Racing
Mike Mahaney
Billy Pauch Sr.
Billy Pauch Jr.
Cale Ross - Ross Racing
Joe Amato - Amato Racing
Michael Pickens - Pickens Racing
King Chassis - Justin Insley
Wayne Greenway - Greenway Racing
Micro Sprint 
Pmp Chassis
Tyler Urlich - MMF Chassis
Mooney/Dewitt Racing 
Terry Schaffer - RTS Chassis
George Gamester - Gamester Racing
Sprint Cars
Dan Pace DC DYNO
Daniel Harding - Harding Motorsports
Ryan Smith
Chase Briscoe
Thomas Meseraull (Tmez)
Late Models
Gordy Gundaker