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About Vahlco

For the number one aluminum racing wheel for performance, weight reduction, and durability choose Vahlco. Vahlco Aluminum Racing Wheels specializes in racing applications and supplies the top racing teams with the performance gains that help edge out the competition. Our aluminum research, development, and supply are at the top of any list when it comes to aluminum racing wheels.

is a company of RACERS

building wheels for RACERS. Whether you race on dirt or asphalt we won't rest until we find the perfect wheel for you and your team. We pride ourselves on finding and using the best materials available to build the lightest wheels while still maintaining the strength needed to hold up to the punishment of a race. Give VAHLCO a try and we bet you wont go back!

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Micro Sprint Wheels

Vahlco 10” dia. direct mount hubs are 3-spoke design with (3) mounting studs for attaching the wheel shells.

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Midget Wheels

Vahlco 13” direct mount hubs are 5-spoke design with 5 mounting studs for the wheel shells.

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Vahlco 15” direct mount hubs are 5-spoke design with 5 mounting studs for the wheel shells. Since our 15” rim shells come with the industry standard 15 bolt pattern, we chose to use the stronger 5-spoke configuration for 15”

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15 Inch

Vahlco offers Wide 5 wheels in all common sizes from 10” to 14” wide with non-beadlock (NBL), non-beadlock with dzus-on cover (NBL w/ CVR), inner beadlock (IBL), outer beadlock (OBL), or outer beadlock with dzus-on cover (OBL w/ CVR).


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15 September 2017
Vahlco Racing News
Andy Bachetti picked up yet another "Victory on Vahlco" this season as he won the Eastern States Qualifier at the Orange County Fair Speedway on Saturday night. Congrats to Andy and the entire No. 4 team from all of us here at Vah...

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About Vahlco

Vahlco lightweight aluminum racing wheels are among the top choice racing wheel for competitive race teams across the world. 


VAHLCO RACING WHEELS is a producer of aluminum racing wheels focused on the production of dirt oval track wheels

to the highest standards of quality,  based in New Egypt, NJ focused on producing dirt oval track wheels to the highest standards of quality, durability, usability and precision.

Dirt and Asphalt oval track racing and grassroots efforts is what racing in the United States was built on and it is our mission to produce, quite simply, the best wheels. 

Other companies may be the household name every racer knows, but Vahlco is ready to set the new industry standard. 

We are RACERS. We are DRIVEN. We are READY. 

Vahlco Racing Wheels. Made by RACERS for RACERS.

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