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About Vahlco

For the number one aluminum racing wheel for performance, weight reduction, and durability choose Vahlco. Vahlco Aluminum Racing Wheels specializes in racing applications and supplies the top racing teams with the performance gains that help edge out the competition. Our aluminum research, development, and supply are at the top of any list when it comes to aluminum racing wheels.

Aluminum Drag Racing Wheels by Vahlco Wheels

Vahlco Drag Racing Wheels are made for the weekend warriors of drag racing.

drag racing wheels

Our Aluminum Drag Raching Wheels are made with durability and strength to withhold the launch at the line. Vahlco Drag Racing Wheels are not SFI approved, but don't let that stop you from getting the strength and dependability we offer in all of our wheel selections.
Available in custom size and configuration. We offer all popular bolt patterns for Chevy, Ford and Chrysler with two options on center design Victory centers and Classic. . 
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